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United States. The grace of Troy Davis denied on the eve of his execution.

Troy Davis the criminal murderer of a police officer will be well executed Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (French time).

The family of Mark MacPhail, a police officer killed in 1989, reiterated that Troy Davis, 42, is the author of murder in the city of Savannah.

"We are the real victims," said Ms. MacPhail, the widow of the policeman outside the building where the meeting was held, and promised Wednesday to attend the execution of Troy Davis with her two children .

The policeman's daughter, Madison, 24, was in tears. "My future was stolen from me. Things like my marriage. In three years, I am older than my father when he was killed. There will always be 27 years," she said.

Troy Davis deserves his fate!

Back on the case:

Mark Allen MacPhail murdered by Davis left a son, a wife and a mother determined to see justice done.
Troy Anthony Davis was sentenced to death for the murder of a Savannah police officer Mark Allen MacPhail in 1989. On August 19, 1989, Troy Anthony Davis is the "restaurant", a Burger King with friends including one named Red Coles (1) and the homeless and struck a man named Larry Young in the head with a pistol when Young declined to give a beer to a friend. Officer MacPhail, who left her job and was out was at the Greyhound bus station next door, he heard "young people" screaming and responded to the disturbance as required by his duty. Davis fled, and Officer MacPhail, wearing his full uniform of a police officer, ordered him to stop, Davis turned and shot the officer in his right thigh and chest. Although Mark MacPhail was a bulletproof vest, his side were not protected and the bullet entered the left side of his chest, his left lung and aorta, at the back of his rib cage with cardiac arrest. Davis, smiling, walked up to the officer and shot him in the face, as he was dying in the parking lot. The weapon of the agent was still strapped in his holster and his staff is always on the belt. Davis fled to Atlanta and a large manhunt ensued. The next afternoon, Davis told a friend he had been involved in a fight at the restaurant the night before and shot someone with a gun. He told friends are when the officer ran, Davis shot him and he went next to the officer and "finished the job" because he knew that the officer's watch his face when he shot him the first time.

After his arrest, Davis said in his cell a similar story. He was arrested a few days after the murder. His trial began exactly two years to the day since the murder of Officer MacPhail. This resulted in Davis for a murder conviction, after less than two hours of jury deliberation, and the imposition of a death penalty after seven hours of deliberations. He was also convicted of obstructing a law enforcement officer, assault shot in a car that left a parking lot one hour before the murder of Officer MacPhail. Michael Cooper was hit in the head by a bullet, seriously injured, and by leaving the bullet lodged in the jaw. The ballistic tests performed on the balls used in the murder of police officer matched the casings found at a party earlier in the evening when Michael Cooper was shot. Cooper Davis is identified as the shooter.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his final appeal unanimously in June 2007, Davis received within 90 days from the state of grace and parole until the July 17, 2007 date of execution. The delay was granted by the appeals filed by witnesses who have given false testimony and are not sure of their identification of Davis. Mark MacPhail, the 18 year old son of Mark Allen MacPhail Jr. came out against the time allowed by members of the Board of Pardons and Paroles. "I told them how I felt my father had been rescued from an early age. Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of the murdered officer, told a reporter after learning that the request for a new trial was denied in March 2008. "I wonder, what the witnesses can remember, after 18 years? There is no new evidence. No mother no longer have to go through what I suffered." Marc's wife Joan MacPhail, said she lost her best friend, the father of her two children and now his peace of mind and that Davis calls were made on nearly two decades. "It's like a punch in the stomach," she said. "You feel to relive that night several times. It's been so bad. Why should we not have peace in our lives? "About the evolution of witnesses, the Georgia Supreme Court said that most of the witnesses who recanted" have merely stated that they do not feel able to identify the shooter. The majority could not ignore the testimony at trial. "The son of the Army Ranger, Mark MacPhail was a graduate of Columbus High School in Georgia. His mother, Anne, still lives in Columbus.

(1) Thirty minutes after the killing, Red Coles appears at the home of his sister a few blocks from the bus station. Mr. Coles asked his sister to another folder. Very shortly thereafter, Davis appeared and asked Mr. Coles T-shirt wearing yellow Coles. After changing his shirt, Davis left. Davis fled to Atlanta the following day and surrendered to authorities 23 August 1989.
Earlier that same night, we shot a man named Michael Cooper with a .38 caliber bullet as he left a party in the neighboring town of Cloverdale. It was suggested during the trial that the weapon that wounded Cooper was the one used to kill MacPhail and Davis was behind the shooting. Is recognized by Sylvester "Red" Coles and not noted in the police report: Mr Coles was also present at the scene where Michael Cooper was wounded by a firearm.

Michel Alain Labet de Bornay . French libertarian.

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