mercredi 30 mai 2012

Racist Muslims desecrate a Catholic Church and the faithful throw stones.

On May 26, 2012, while in Carcassonne, Father Roger Barthes began to celebrate Holy Mass, four "young" racist (1) Muslims of North African origin to the behavior of fascists broke into the place of Catholic worship in this case the Church of St. Joseph, before throwing pebbles at the 150 worshipers attending the service.

In France there has ideas that reek of shit
This is only a "news item" trivial cloth for the Marxist cultural Midi Libre reported in its May 27 edition of this extremely serious incident during the early celebration of Mass of Pentecost in the Church of St. Joseph Carcassonne.

Jets "handles stones" - understatement to say stoning - real racist act committed by anti Christian "youth of North African origin" who broke into the church during the celebration. Will there soon be the bishop celebrate a new "Mass of Reconciliation", in the presence of the local imam to thank him? "Reconciliation" of who and what? It is rather a Mass of reparation for the desecration and insult committed right thing.

Again racist hate speech parasites MRAP and SOS Racism and the Left Front candidates pro Islamist and anti-Christian. have borne fruit.

(1) In France thanks to the wonderful laws of socialist and communist Gayssot Fabius' Constitutes a racial discrimination any distinction made on account of the origin, or membership or non membership of a person to an ethnic group, nation , race, or religion. "

Michel Alain Labet de Bornay

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